System Design & Installation

Installers of dependable, easy-to-use audio, video and
lighting systems
for any educational,
arts-oriented, or commercial space.


For over eighteen years, word-of-mouth alone has helped propel Livewire to become one of the most requested, respected A/V consultants and installers in the region.   


Our breadth of experience. Our installation technicians (who also double as phenomenal live event technicians/ninjas) have worked large-scale corporate, theatrical and concert events as well as smaller, private events such as weddings and building groundbreaking ceremonies.   

These events have taken place in facilities of all types and in indoor and outdoor environments.Our experience working in these greatly varying environments — as well as our collective background in technical theatre — helps us design and implement systems in facilities that will truly address our clients’ production needs while ensuring that systems are easy-to-use for the end user (…you!) and appropriately designed to fit facility requirements (aesthetics, acoustics, etc.) and budget-friendly.