The highest-quality audio equipment to ensure high-fiedelity audio, great coverage, and none of those pesky pops, clicks or hums.


The first in the region to feature high-definition video switching, cameras and projection at every event.


We're renowned for creating immersive, engaging environments with light, utilizing the finest proven technologies and cutting-edge intelligent fixtures and programming.


Bring it all together with scenery, staging, and show flow consulting to create an immersive experience for your audience. 

System Design & Installation

We believe permanently installed audio, video, and lighting systems should be easy-to-use and extremely versatile.

Alley Fair
Turning a common alley into a hub of activity creating a community experience to be remembered.

Hennepin Health Foundation Gala
Flawless event production when fundraising matters most.

OTA:Fargo 2014
In the round, in a theatre, or in a warehouse: bringing OTA's mission front and center in any venue, anywhere in our region.

TEDxFargo 2015
World-class atmospheric and stage elements, including audio, video, lighting and scenery to emphasize Ideas Worth Sharing.

Network Center nVision Conference
Keeping audiences engaged in content with immersive lighting, audio and video.

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When you’re about to take the stage, the last thing you should be nervous about is the technology that’s going to help you drive home your message.

In those last few moments before you walk into spotlight, you need to know that your event’s technology is going to work well and impress your audience – the first time – every time.

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For over fifteen years, word-of-mouth alone has helped propel Livewire to become one of the most requested, widely-respected A/V consultants and installers in the region.  


Our breadth of experience. Our installation technicians (who also double as phenomenal live event technicians/ninjas) have worked large-scale corporate, theatrical and concert events as well as smaller, private events such as weddings and building groundbreaking ceremonies.  

These events have taken place in facilities of all types and in indoor and outdoor environments.Our experience working in these greatly varying environments — as well as our collective background in technical theatre — helps us design and implement systems in facilities that will truly address our clients’ production needs while ensuring that systems are easy-to-use for the end user (…you!) and appropriately designed to fit facility requirements (aesthetics, acoustics, etc.) and budget-friendly.

Speakers on sticks?  2 of them?  30 of them?  Line array?  

Two light trees for your band?  PAR 38s?  64s?  LED PARs?  Moving lights?  Pipe and Drape?   …

40 wireless microphones for a musical that opens tomorrow (and it’s 500 miles away?)
We’re always game for a road trip.

We’re the champions of those last-minute needs — on-budget and on-time — having “made it happen” for live events across the five-state area and around the country for more than 16 years.

Our team will make sure your rental works just the way you need it to – and if it doesn’t, we’ll make sure we find a solution that fits for you.  

Not sure if we have it?  Just ask.  Contact us today!


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Interesting facts about a few of our specialists


President & Technical Director
Live event veteran and new-school creative in full HD. Sleep is for the weak. Thrives on coffee, new ideas, camaraderie, art and music.


Technical Director & Lighting Designer
Dreams in color and light. Controls the dark and the bright. Fueled by coffee, electricity, and height.


Event Artist and Project Manager 
Theatre kid who finally grew up.  I live on a steady diet of music, dance, film, books, family, and friends.  Pain is temporary. Art is forever.


Operations and Event Specialist
Whether it's writing and recording music, acting on stage, or singing in the choir, I love collaborative art. Utility, order, and coffee: my means and my ends.